Introducing Gather Projects!

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Phoenix, Arizona: The husband and wife team, Chris and Fallon Liles, Co-Founders of Phoenix home design company Rafterhouse, which became a household name for homebuilding fans with their experience hosting two HGTV shows and features in dozens of publications across the country, have now started a new venture. Introducing Gather Projects with Chris and Fallon Liles (and their four boys). 

Although their “modern ranch” roots are still in tact from those iconic, signature custom home-builds that you've grown to know from them in Phoenix, Gather Projects comes back to the core identity, and sole reason they started building in the first place.

“Our mission is to build homes that bring friends, family, neighbors and community together. We desire to create spaces used to gather people intentionally and love others well. We love dreaming through the way a home will be lived in and designing with a purpose.” - Fallon Liles, Co-Founder 

What types of projects can people expect to see? 

Projects will involve building and remodeling homes for sale as well as working with clients on their new builds and large scale remodels. As no two families are alike, you can expect to see a range of personality in each home. We look forward to dreaming up spaces unique to each of our clients lifestyles!

The Gather Projects Vision: 

  • Dreaming up concepts unique to your lifestyle
  • Building quality homes with virtue and passion
  • Creating purposeful spaces for gathering with others

Projects we're accepting (in Phoenix):

  • New Construction
  • Full Remodels
  • Interior Design
  • Consulting

Best way to contact Gather Projects:
Email: or contact us here
(don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @gatherprojects)