Our Story


How it all started...

Fallon and Chris are proud to be Arizona Natives. They are best friends that got married and are raising four children, all BOYS, in sunny Phoenix. They are living a life's journey that continues to lead them towards new paths of exciting projects.  Starting out with nothing more than ideas and passion to create beautiful spaces, they began creating environments that they would want to be in and homes that they would dream of living in while raising a family together. 

Chris has always loved building. Starting with legos as a child (still playing with legos today...) to becoming a custom home builder as an adult and everything in between. He has been remodeling and building new homes for 15 years. He is always dreaming about what can be improved upon in a home to make it more! More fun, more inviting and more livable! When he’s not working on someone else’s dream home he is building projects around his own place regularly with Fallon and the boys. 

Fallon is a dreamer. She pushes Chris’s rationality of building and runs towards designing and creating spaces that evoke emotions that are full of life, comfort and beauty. She has a passion for hosting friends and family to bring the best out in people in a pretty space of course. New projects emerge for them from her inspired daydreaming!

They are a duo. They work best by feeding off ideas from one another.  Ideas that are inspired lead to tackling the process of making the vision come to life. Chris takes the lead here while Fallon keeps a close eye making sure the design is not lost during the building process. They both step out with design risks and it is for this reason combined with their passion to create one of a kind homes that has brought the attention of an HGTV magazine publication of their own home, two HGTV homebuilding episodes, local newspapers and publications as well as social media interest for their projects.

Chris, Fallon, and the boys!

Chris, Fallon, and the boys!